What Even Is Juicing?

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So… juicing is like this fad… a fad that’s never going away!!!! Once I tell you about all the things I learned from researching the topic and juicing myself, you will never ever quit! && you’ll go buy your own cold pressed juicer!!
Well, before we get started, you must know that 95% of our bodies vitamins and enzymes we need come from the most raw, gross things ever: fruits & veggies!!! The great thing about juicing is that your digestive organs get a break, yes a break! Since the juice is well, juiced? – the enzymes, minerals, and vitamins go straight to your bloodstream. If there is a best time (WHENEVER!!) to get your nutrients then it would be morning. It’s best to have juice on an empty stomach; or an hour or two before a meal. The effect of the empty stomach is, so the body can amplify the nourishment it is receiving. In other words, the body will take every (yes, EVERY) single little spec of nutrients in that juice, because there’s nothing else before it && it’s HUNGRY.
Sooo… I could go on & on with all my cool facts I know about the magical potion aka cold pressed juice… or you could go out and buy a juicer yourself & join the club—that never can be left.

So, I am going to recommend to you, to buy, the Breville JE98XL 2-Speed Juice Fountain Juicer but honestly(no lies here!), I have never had any past experience with any other juicers… so do your research on other juicers before purchasing or just go with my recommendation. — I have had absolutely NO problems with this Breville at all, there is an “higher end”– (it’s like the plus) juicer of this but I had someone tell me the digital screen stopped working because it got wet… so that’s why I didn’t get that one *incase you were wondering…*
Oh yeah and I don’t always have time in the morning to make my juice & drink it. So I bought these glass bottles so I can make them in advance and still be able to be the juice freak I am!! Btw I have read that the juice doesn’t last more than 3 days but I can go 5 & it tastes as I just juiced it. I always seal them really tight (idk if that makes a difference… actually it probably does!!) and keep them refrigerated… duh!!
One more thing!! *I can’t promise* You can totally make up random, HEALTHY, disgusting recipes; like I do all the time …..or….. You can get this book for the days that you can’t be creative! It has different recipes & my favorite part about each recipe is that at the end, it shows the benefits of the juice; energy, detox, skin, immunity & digestion. Shown above : Picture 5. Also in the front of the book, they tell you how to juice (preparation) every fruit&veggie you could think of and other ingredients you may add to your juice! All around, the book is a MUST-HAVE for juicers.

AND ABSOLUTELY NOT, MAY YOU EVER DO A JUICE CLEANSE! They sound like a great idea right? Well, not right!! I have done my research & let me tell you; you will lose weight (then gain it when you finish), so then that’s pointless.
If you want to do a cleanse, then change your lifestyle. Cleanses don’t work & aren’t permanent. Why give your body its nutrients then stop?!?! POINTLESS!!

A day without juice, is a day that you lose.

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P.S.  If the juice makes you gag, then it’s good for you&your body is in love!! Chug, chug, chug!!!

Juicer– (Cheaper!)
Juice Book
Glass Bottles

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