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Is spin class that thing that cool moms go to and it’s some type of zumba maybe??




Storytime: When e was visiting texas, we booked a morning hot yoga class. We ended up being ONLY 5 MINUTES late, but OF COURSE


the doors were locked.


We hopelessly waited by the door for a few minutes hoping that someone would miraculously come open it, but as u could’ve guessed, no one did. SOO..


we hopped back in the car and started googling other yoga type places to go that day, and what do u know, The Cycle Bar came up.


We were like okay this will be fun-let’s go!!


If only we knew this was definitely NOT YOGA.


We walked in this place, still having no idea what we’re in for until we are led into a dark room with about 1.7 billion stationary bikes in it.



Too late to leave now, we’re being strapped down onto our bikes with no way of getting out..NOOOO!!!






All of a sudden, the doors slam shut, and aside from the extremely loud music, all we could hear were our pounding hearts..


What’s next, they serve us smoothies with nails in them!??


What have we gotten ourselves into?!!


We are instructed to start pedaling to reach a certain speed on our little monitor on the bike.


Hey, this isn’t so bad, the speed u are supposed to pedal goes to the beat of the music!! Cool!


E and I are starting to feel better about this.


Even though we are terribly behind the pack and huffing and puffing, (Elizabeth looked at the monitor next to her that said 10 miles!! what?? we only had 4.8!!) not to mention we are surrounded by ridiculously good looking/physically fit people (the kind you would expect to see at spin class) it’s kinda fun actually!!


Hearts racing, legs spinning out of control, sweat flying, and lungs dying,



After the class, you get back your stats on how you did (class ranking and an average speed and stuff).


Let’s just say we weren’t at the very top of the pack..hehehe.


Even though this experience was extremely scary, we still had a lot of fun!!


After the class, I was researching and found out that you continue to burn calories for long after you stop the class!! YAy.


If you’re wondering where we went, it’s called the Cycle Bar, and they have them all over the U.S. The facilities are very nice: you get fruit, water bottles and face towels-all free!!cb-hp-home-page1


Overall, this experience was exciting and we are both glad we went!


xoxo, e&e


We would have taken photos but we were dripping sweat, DRIPPING and we don’t want you to get intimidated! 😉