SALTY craving : edamame

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IMG_2121IMG_2179IMG_2134So sometimes you need a snack. BUT it hass to be salty because that is what your taste buds are insisting on. Okay, so chips?



It’s healthy, tasty, &&makes you feel good:)
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Ingredients Needed:
Edamame (Frozen or fresh)
Salt (healthy– not processed)

Cookware Needed:
Pot Strainer
Bowl – double bowl?

It’s Time!!
Get all the ingredients && supplies out, that are listed above.
Fill a pot of water up. Add salt.
Wait//or//don’t for it to boil.
Add edamame!
Steam edamame for about ten minutes, then drain the water.
AND salt it up!!- for those that LOVE lemons, add some juice on!


IMG_2132Enjoy it:) yummy!!

FYI- you don’t eat the skin


here’s a little giggle ;)lololol

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