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Hi hi!

Okay so if you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with Cool Lime Refreshers from Starbucks!!

They have caffeine in them, but I don’t have a problem having them one day then not the next sooo I’m guessing there’s not much in them!!

They taste like; fresh, limey, HONESTLY they make you feel rejuvenated; refreshed! ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess hence the name, right?

I’ve recommended them to my friends, & they are hooked. When I have one, I’ll leave it in my locker & sometimes when I go to get a sip it’s already has been sipped quite a lot or/ they have already taken it out, either cause they have drank it all & hoped I wouldn’t notice or because they want to bring it to class!! Ugh but I can’t criticize them because I would do the same;) Hahahah && usually my mom and I have different tastes but we both have been addicted to these for about two years now, since they came out!

I would say go try one (earlier rather than later in the day; if caffeine effects you!!) When ordering say; light ice if you’re a slow sipper&light water- which means more of the flavor but in the “barista code”! If you get hooked then make sure you first make a Starbucks account so you get your deals and points, but get the largest size a Trenta; 30 oz. because it actually is cheaper from the grande, by each ounce.


The light ice is for two reasons; one- I sip slowly so it doesn’t melt the ice away and water down the flavor & two- you get more of the drink because there’s less ice! (When asking for light ice MAKE SURE you ask for the light water, or after they do their little recipe then they’ll just add more water to take place of the ice)!!

Take the limes out of if you’re going to save it for later & are refrigerating it. The limes make the drink bitter after a while. Sometimes if there are a lot, I just take them out when I get it.

Use the little straw because it is skinnier, making you drink less at a time– tip from my mom!

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