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Meet Ella!!


FP movement!

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e&e LOVEEEE Free People Movement!!!   Here are our reasons: A.) Its soon cute and different B.) It can be worn working out OR not working out...

e&e love Austin!!!

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As you may know.. e&e are together in texas!! Because Ella lives here, she’ s taking Elizabeth to the hottest spots;))-like Austin!! Here are the...

1 year later….

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GUESS WHAT!? After 1 long, dreadful, and horrendous year of loneliness….e&e are together again!!!   YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS- girls week in TEXAS!!  ...

Santa Fé!!!!!!!

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  SO…Last weekend I went to Santa Fé, New Mexico-the land of charm!!   It was so so fun and the weather was beautiful..much cooler...

Catching the zzzzz’s

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Hi bb’s!! Let’s chat about taking your bed from to For me, there are three THREE important steps. 1. Diffusing lavender 2. Rubbing Young Living’s...