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Hey hey hey bb’s !!

Lololol soooo…. Remember in my meet page I talked about me making the best lemonade ever?

Yeah, well- get EXCITED because I’m EXCITED to share my recipe with you all 🙂


//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Ingredients Needed:

  • L E M O N S          (About 15 small or 9 large) — regular lemons
  • Water                    (14 cups aka 112 oz.)
  • Sugar                   (2 cups)


Cookware Needed:

  • Juicer — I use this//that
  • 1 gallon pitcher — I use something similar to this (or adjust recipe to fit your)
  • Pot (quart size at least)
  • Knife — I use this
  • Cutting board — I use one by pc (no longer available) I have most of these too!!
  • Spoon — I use this which I HIGHLY recommend!

It’s Time!!

Get all the ingredients && supplies out. That are listed above^!

Turn on the stove to high, adding the 2 cups of water & 2 cups of sugar. Keep this on the stove until it is no longer liquidy but more like syrup. To be sure, just keep it on until it boils. Also stir every few minutes.

In the meantime, juice the lemons. You want no less than 2 cups, but if you have extra; of course do not be shy just ADD it in!

Pour in the syrup then the lemon juice into the pitcher.

Then add 12 cups of water // 96 oz.

Refrigerate for 45 minutes then…


STIR && ENJOY loves 🙂 🙂



When juicing the lemons; frequently clean the pulp off the top or there will be a lot of pulp.

Add slices of lemons to the pitcher to keep it lasting. — It helps with flavor and hey it’s cute!!

Remember: Stir before serve!



IMG_1548IMG_1572IMG_1532IMG_1603IMG_1579IMG_1604IMG_1589IMG_1615IMG_1631IMG_1638IMG_1654IMG_1658You all will LOVE it! And in case you didn’t know I’m obsessed with mason jars sooooo of course that’s what I drink lemonade from (and everything else!!!) 😉 🙂 😉 

FYI- I definitely recommend a pitcher with a stir-top feature.


Shirt&Jacket in photos. The jacket is no longer available but linked is one similar by the same brand.



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