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WE ARE SOOO SOOO SORRY the blog has been down for a month!!! It took us a month to get it back up:( there were problems with our hosting company BUT don’t worry we are back!

By the way, this post was supposed to be posted over a month ago…


I miss you all:) I hope your holidays were holly & jolly and you got to see your family && friends:) !!

SO-A month ago lol maybe two now?… I WAS IN JAMAICA! And it wasn’t my first time there because it’s a BLAST!!!!!

I wanted to share some photos with you all && tell you a little about it!


Here is some important information//details I thought you should know!

The Jamaicans speak English but their language, Patwah is a local language which mainly consists of Latin, Spanish, Portuguese && English. Technically it is a langauge but there it is almost like what we would refer to as “slang”.


Ya mon : Okay; no problem; you’re welcome.

Irie : Everything is okay; everything is good; life is great; okay!


I stayed @ the Moon Palace Jamaica Grande, which is located in Ocho Rios. Ocho Rios is about an hour and a half away from the airport, but is not by other resorts so it is very private. This was my 3rd time with this resort, including a palace in Mexico. I LOVE THE PALACES!! They are the best!!

I did a couple excursions:

  1.      1.  Glistening Waters — This was super cool! I never have done this before && I was thrilled by it. There is a lagoon where these micro-organisms live, and @ night if you go for a dip they will glow. You will be taken out @ about 8PM, where you jump into the lagoon and all you have to do is move around and the water will glow! — I would share photos but unfortunately the glow isn’t picked up by cameras:(
  2.      2.   Jet packing — This was CRAZY!! I never did this before and I have to say it is difficult to get the hang of it! You have to have really good balance (not me!!). So, there is a boat behind you that is attached by a water pipe which is then attached to your feet-jets. Then they power it all, so all you have to do is balance!! It’s so fun!! LOL but be prepared to be a little sore … many belly flops!
  3.      3.  Swimming w/ Dolphins — The Moon Palace actually has a dolphin swimming place right on their property, which is really nice! This is my 3rd or 4th time swimming w/ dolphins! They are the SWEETEST && are SO MUCH FUN!!
  4.      4.  Bluehole & River Riding & Ziplining — This excursion is supposed to be incredible && super pretty but unfortunately we always go to Jamaica in their rain season so the water is foggy from rain BUT still A TON OF F U N !!  –if you look up Blue Hole Jamaica (click the link), you’ll see what it really should like! It is absolutely stunning! Funny story – We did it last year and it wasn’t even a true excursion… so we had to find a taxi man who was friends with the guys who ran it, and you just handed them cash @ the end LOL! but this year they had a true excursion which was a triple-whammy deal!!! Bluehole, River Riding, & Ziplining! The Bluehole is just climbing huge rocks & jumping off the cliffs into the hole! IT IS CRAZY FUN!!!! And this year my mom & little brother joined my dad, sister & I, which was a HUGE deal (they never do adventurous things)!! Then the river rafting takes place on this famous river in Jamaica, which is so fun because it is almost like a lazy river but it is natural && it’s very relaxing too!
    zipping through the jungle! lol what’s my face?!
    cliff jumping @ bluehole:)
    river tubing


AND… Everyday, all day there is a flowrider @the resort & if I say so myself, I became a pro this vk! 🙂


meet some (of my FAV) locals!!

meet Gayne!! He’s a local!
meet HAMONIKE!! he is the king of mojitos (VIRGIN)!!
AND… meet SHAMAIR!! he’s one fun dude!


FUN FACT #1 : Every Sunday & Wednesday from 4-8 (I think that’s the time…) there are parties on all the local beaches!
FUN FACT #2 : the common religion in Jamaica is Christianity
FUN FACT #2 : the common religion in Jamaica is Christianity

Here’s just some more photos!! 🙂

this shot is from a previous trip in Jamaica when I was snorkeling !!
This is one of my FAVORITE photos of the Jamaican culture. It is true, they are so welcoming & they truly do accept EVERYONE!


famILY photos
*tires to be a kardashian*
sissy + mojitos! can life get sweeter?

these are my siblings && I! I love them so MUCH! 🙂 Meet Buddy (Christian) & Kathleen!!!

another past photo

lol me & my mojitos !! 😉



a part of my resort
that is one of the moon palace buildings!
BYEEEE Jamaica!!  :((

Remember life is IRIE!


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