face shaving?

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Soooooo…. Let me tell you about my new favorite part of my beauty routine!




Like for that peach fuzz. I know, I know. You want to know; why in the world would I shave those little hairs off?


Well, let me tell you.


Face shaving is from way back from the 50s in case you were wondering… It makes face makeup appear more natural looking && it makes your face feel like a baby’s butt! Like for real IT’S AMAZING!


It gets better!!!!!! It is an anti-aging technique for the face. It takes off the top layer of skin leaving it to exfoliate. — The reason men tend to look younger is because they shave their faces and woman don’t, I mean now WE (YOU&me) do!!


Soooooo…….. Cause I know you already are decided on it, let me tell you some tricks for usage. And watch this video on how to use your’s when it comes!


Pull your skin where you intend using it.


ALWAYS go with the hair, NEVER against — typically it grows downward


Gentle, gentle; don’t push hard.


Only do once a month! YAY


AND obvi your hair will not grow back as little man whiskers…. Unless I mean you’re a man?


PS– Any questions please ask katie, she is knowledgeable at ALL beauty tips&tricks! CHECK OUT HER CHANNEL!!! You will love it!!!



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