E&E Take on the Windy City!!

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hey hey hey!!

So, Ella came to Chicago for 5 nights last week! She came for my bday 🙂 !!


It was super fun because I got to take her places that I go to frequently, that she doesn’t have back home in the big TX.

Here’s what us BFFs did

  • Libertyville
  • Around Libertyville – Area (way far/not far…just not l’ville)
    • Superdawgs – where Ella could try my ABSOLUTE favorite Chicago-style hotdogs 🙂
    • Sushi Thai – YUMMY! I wanted to take E to my FAV sushi place. I think she LOVED it!! We even ended din din w/ some mochi & bubble tea.
  • The WINDY CITY!!
    • ICE SKATING @ Maggie Daley Park – hahah… thinking about Ella ice skating is just hilarious! When she would fall (…which was about every minute) then I would fall because I’m laughing so hard! **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO DO WITH YOUR BFF**
    • Bombobar – Very yummy (lol & hot) HOT COCO place! I never have been previous to this trip but I been following them on Instagram (← click that link to checkout their page) and I was sure it would be fun to take E there! And we both LOVED it 🙂
    • The Bean – Haha of course! I think this may have been the highlight of Ella’s trip 😉
    • Art of Pizza – A taste of Chicago Pizza! … from Chicago’s #1 deep dish …whoops… we got thin crust;)
    • Bites Asian Tapas – A yummy asian food place that is SO good! TRY the Cookie Dough Chopsticks for dessert!

Photos ::  !!! 🙂

LOL one of the only times you’ll see Ella on her feet while in skates!
thanks for BEANing my bff, Ella!!

ELLA the whole time 😉 HAHA
just us w/ this cute rose gold balloon found @ urban outfitters 🙂
Photos in the BEAN! featuring :: kathleen (my sister-front left), grace (my family friend-back left), & natalie (my friend-back right).
what’s better than celebrating in PJs before bed?! #bdayqueen #cutepartyhatella
Ella… just pulling us down:)

…Lol all we did was eat?!  Ooops!

sums up our week …

OH & GET READY we are doing a new year healthy eating kick off this week && we will let you know all the details very soon!

I have picked up the Chicago accent… I just said “you guys” instead of “y’all”. — Ella




You’ll see my friend Natalie in some of the photos, since she joined us.


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