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Hey bb’s, we miss you all!! So- we have been MIA and we are so sorry to have you waiting:( BUT we are back so, don’t be worried. (On a side note) Let’s be real HIGH SCHOOL has hit us hard like *BAM* **BAAM** ***BAAAM*** !!!!! I want to do a fall style post but THE DARN LEAVES WON’T LET GO OF THE TREE aka fall to the GROUND! So until then… (To the post!!) I AM A OBSESSED WITH THIS HEALTHY DESSERT!!! YOU NEED TO TRY IT!!!!! Here’s my recipe       /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Ingredients Needed:   Pre-Ingredients Almond Butter  [½ cup] Bananas  [2 wholes, peeled] Milk  [1 cup...

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