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Hi hi hiiii! When e was visiting texas, we visited a dairy farm. We saw all the cows and ate all the ice cream!!! YUMMY:) Did you forget about farms? Lololol we did!! But we’re excited to say we visited one in tx together and we had a blast! make sure you're drinking your MILK!!!!!! We had a TON of fun && would love to share our cute photos! how cute is this photo?? when the cows lick you it TICKLES!! 🙂 There’s not much to say besides that cows are so SWEET and they LOVE their hay! these are cutest cows!! white w/ black spots LOL there were sheep...

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Is spin class that thing that cool moms go to and it’s some type of zumba maybe??   WRONGO!!   Storytime: When e was visiting texas, we booked a morning hot yoga class. We ended up being ONLY 5 MINUTES late, but OF COURSE   the doors were locked.   We hopelessly waited by the door for a few minutes hoping that someone would miraculously come open it, but as u could’ve guessed, no one did. SOO..   we hopped back in the car and started googling other yoga type places to go that day, and what do u know, The Cycle Bar came up.   We were like okay...

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FP movement!

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e&e LOVEEEE Free People Movement!!!   Here are our reasons: A.) Its soon cute and different B.) It can be worn working out OR not working out C.) It’s really comfortable   This post features 2 outfits- each with a piece from their collection…And clearly that piece stands out among the rest!! ELIZABETH: top — lulu bottoms — FP!   ELLA: top — FP! bottoms — bp. SHOP FP! SHOP FP! xoxo, e&e SHOP FP! SHOP FP! post by  :  e&e...

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