Double-sided pearl earrings

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IMG_1869IMG_1873Hey ladies&gents
Sorry, we’ve both been cray cray busy but we’re back so let’s chat:)

My three-month hunt has come to an end!!!!!!!!

These cuties are Ross†Simons. I’ve never had any previous purchases from this jeweler but I can’t complain!
I was going to get fake ones … but … sometimes fake earrings make ears black and gross. So I went with these cute- hard to find beauties. Being fordable && the reviews were good!

Background tip: A L W A Y S read reviews! && no reviews? Then do NOT buy!

I got these && I wanted to blog about them the second I got them… but I mean I need to tell you the real details so I WAITED and gave them so trials.
Well, I wouldn’t write about them unless I absolutely loved them. So now you can read about my thoughts.
Price? Excellent for real pearl earrings with one huge&one small + gold studs!!
Weight? Good at first I was like they’re heavy but honestly I’ve never wore anything heavy at all, once I had them on for a few hours and  I was like these aren’t bad at ALL!
Feelings? fantastic I love getting compliments on my style && let me say these are all-stars for receiving compliments;)lololol

Let’s sum this up; these are homegrown meaning that they are inborn within a lab, so yes they are real but they aren’t like found deep beneath water in the big ocean ……… They don’t bother sensitive ears (me)
Oh, and did I mention they are  s u p e r   c u t e ?!!?

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