Cucumber Sandwiches ;)

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IMG_1967Hello hello!
I want to give you the ‘recipe’ of my favorite sandwich.

organic mayo
o r g a n i c
celtic salt
buy celtic salt — it’s the best for you!
any type can be used:)

peppercucumbers//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Ingredients Needed:
Cucumbers (half) — sliced
Bread –ANY (2 slices)
Mayo/Cream cheese (14 cups aka 112 oz.)

Cookware Needed:
Cutting board
Spreading knife — mine
Chopping knife — mine

It’s Time!!
Get all the ingredients && supplies out, that are listed above.
Place bread in toaster, until toasted as liked.
In the meantime, slice the cucumber and if you like; skin it too.
Spread mayo or cream cheese onto both slices of bread.
Put the cucumber slices on one slice- filling the whole slice.
Sprinkle salt&pepper on the other.
Put the s&p slice of bread on top of the cucumber-ed slice.
And then…

IMG_1980IMG_1987This sandwich is perfect for summertime; it’s so quick to whip up, the cucumbers are refreshing, it’s healthy && it’s YUMMY!
But I eat it in the winter/summer/spring/fall — it’s ALWAYS cucumber sandwich time!!

FYI- Mayo doesn’t taste like the MAYO you know, the other ingredients spice it up! For the people that don’t love mayo, give it a try on the sandwich before going straight to cream cheese.

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