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Hi bb’s!! Let’s chat about taking your bed from

lazy blogging
lazy blogging


to bedtime
to bedtime

For me, there are three THREE important steps.

1. Diffusing lavender

2. Rubbing Young Living’s lavender on my face.

3. Spraying my bed with my night night spray.


Okay, let’s chat.

Diffusing is going to be its own LONG post itself, so I’m just going to talk specifically about lavender. I use the Dewdrop Diffuser by Young LivingI used to use some other diffuser– it was a piece of crap. DON’T GET IT!

The lavender I diffuse is not Young Living because typically you need about 5 drops and when diffusing oils. It goes quickly, so I use any brand really when it comes to diffusing. Just make sure it’s just lavender-no mixture.

Put the diffuser on for a little while before you go to bed. I usually fill it up, close my door and then go say goodnight to everybody. When I come back, the scent has set in.IMG_2284


When it comes to putting oils on your skin, it must be pure. To date,Young Living is the only known oil company for the finest and purest oils. I only put a drop on my finger and rub it; under my nose, the sides of my nose, my temples & behind my ears.IMG_2329IMG_2324IMG_2334

Last but not least, right before you go to bed. So for me, after I read, I spray my bed with my night night spray. I love to smell my pillows&eyemask. There’s lavender and I believe some other scents in it. I spray it all over my comforter, pillows & eye mask.

Even though I use quite a lot of it, I can use it for about 8 months-maybe more.When I have sleepovers it gets used a TON:) lol

When I sleep away from home, I ALWAYS bring my spray, and sometimes my lavender oil- depending on how much time I had to pack. The spray just makes me feel like I’m at home and helps me stay comfortable away from home.IMG_2280IMG_2221IMG_2278

Whether one of these three steps actually makes me go to bed, or it’s the combination-I don’t know. I do them all, and sleep does come easy for me 🙂

I suggest trying them!! You will be in love as soon as you realize you’re falling asleep quicker than before!!


Found in the Photos :

Pajamas – Victoria Secret (no longer available but similar)

Lavender oil – Topical Young Living

Nail Polish – Dusty Lavender

Diffuser – Young Living

Night Night SprayLittle Moon Essentials

Study Pillow – Plum & Bow

Headboard – Urban Outfitters (no longer available but checkout their cute headboards)



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