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Hey hey hey!!

So… my brows have grown && now you need to know about the credentials that I give my newly sprouted hair too 🙂

BROWFOOD aka miracle grower for brows!!!!

I had “respectable” brows before but honestly I thought they could have more possibility. I knew that they could thicken&lengthen if I found the appropriate serum. I had no hair on the sides, the downward arch.

Well- when in doubt, always ask Ella. She always has tricks & knowledge up her sleeve. Especially about beauty.

So my brows have grown- I have newly sprouted little hairs where I’ve never had them. I was going to wait for more progress to reveal this product, but I couldn’t wait- I wanted you all to start on your own brows, if you want growth. All brows have potential! 

The details: BrowFood

It is made with all natural/organic ingredients.

The results take 4 – 6 weeks to see.

Ingredients : Adenosine, Arginine, Lavender Water, Peony Root Complex, Rice Protein & Soy Protein. Check more out about the ingredients here.

The company is named LashFood due to be first established by a mother & daughter for a natural remedy for growing lashes. Now, they many other natural remedies for beauty products like BrowFood:)

Usage : My Way

(Before Zzzzz!!)

Wash face

Apply BrowFood – Apply a little amount, you do not want it dripping down your face; causing hairs to sprout random places.

Let dry then you may apply other products you use. 

Here’s my results. It’s hard to see the little hairs that have sprouted!

Beware : I NEED to get them threaded!



Oh and, something to remember

Brows are sisters, not twins.


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