Addiction to French Macarons!

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ALERT! This post may start an addiction !!


IMG_1692IMG_1678IMG_1688IMG_1700IMG_1707IMG_1695IMG_1673So, I LOVE macarons.

Like so obsessed that I had to write a post about them.

The french culture is just so cute!!

Macarons sont délicieux ! (macarons are delicious)

Background info ::: I took French for 2 years… I can’t say much though 🙁 lol

I’ve tried multiple places for macarons- the first time being disgusted wondering; how could these cute perfect little delights taste so bad?

Well whether you’ve tried these little cuties already or not. THESE are recommended!

The point is; whether or not you liked//disliked these french–ies, try them again. Try this brand.

I mean even the name is adorable! Bisous, ciao. Kisses, bye. At the end of each phone conversation, the owner’s husband says this to her! How cute, right?

Check out all the cute details here!

I got them shipped to me (all the shops are in nyc). They were shipped in silver bubble rap with iced packs inside a huge box! They were in perfect condition when they arrived to l’ville.

FYI – They taste best refrigerated!

PS< Please do not spell them macaroons the proper spelling is macarons.

Well, bbs

Bisous, ciao:)


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