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So- if you don’t know what it is… well the short answer is pure F U N !

… but let’s get the details …


A music festival located in Austin, TX

Hosted 2 Weekends a Year – 3 Days each

Famous Singers//Bands Attend

Less-Known Singers//Bands Attend

1 Day Passes – available



Major Lazer

Cage the Elephants

Kendrick Lamar


ScHoolboy Q

Two Door Cinema Club

Conor Oberst

Blue Healer

Cold War Kids




Willie Nelson

Mumford & Sons

Young the Giant

….. that’s just some!



Major Lazer

Kendrick Lamar



cuteSo we had just a BLAST! It was the perfect Friday-Ditch Day and it was well NEEDED!

We didn’t spend the whole day there each day, although we think we will definitely next time!








Ella & I have came to conclude that the BEST/FUN/PARTY is in the center of the crowd. It is where all the young adults, teenagers are all at! So … You know what we did … We were the really REALLY really annoying people who go “Um, excuse me. Our friends are up there.” **receive the glare & the little shove AND GET ON OUR WAY:)** then REPEAT like 1000000 more times EACH concert! BECAUSE if that’s what it takes in order to to get to the center then WHOCARES!


Honestly the center is where it is at! It’s even worth being spit on- (yes we got spit on multiple times!) BUT totally worth the dance party in the center!!! SO get up to the ecneter, no matter what it takes!



Yeah, well. Then we don’t like you.

Listen up everyone! ACL doesn’t allow photography camera, not even selfie sticks! LIKE holdup we are E&E from excuse us!

So… well day 1 we thought we would observe and see if other people got through with cameras. AND if security went through our bags and stuff so we would know for day 2.

SO… we observed… our observations didn’t go well … but I mean who cares maybe we would be lucky and wouldn’t get our bags searched through right?

****DAY 2****

We are debating on whether or not to really do it! WELL of course we decide to:) right, what else- no camera? NOWAY

We hide the camera in my bag deep below and put the GoPro selfie stick in Ella’s Camelbak sticking out…

Trial 1: We walk up there with my Fjällräven, and Ella’s Camelbak on. Totally acting cas(ually)… The guy who is looking is (MAYBE) pretending to not notice the selfie stick hanging out… but then the big-o-boss comes over and is like “Ladies that will not be allowed. You can either go put it back or we can confiscate it for you!” ***we pretend to think*** “No, that’s okay. But are you sure we got in with it yesterday (which is true we did bring the GoPro day 1)?” “No. You shouldn’t have.” “Okay BYE!”                                                                                                           ………. Before we go back and of course try again, we have to fake leave because the mean boss was watching us! So we go farther back and “hide” behind this fence. We think maybe it would be fine to leave the selfie stick by this tree but then I am like wait! So, we had camping chair and since the stick is like the bottom of the chair, we just put it in the legs of the chair in the bag. ALL GOOD!

Trial 2: The GoPro stick is hidden now time for the second attempt but we have another stick… UGH I KNOW… we just want cute photos for the blog!! There’s this guy and he’s looking and he sees this one selfie stick that works for the Cannon Camera that was E’s. He said that we couldn’t have that so Ella said it would be okay to discard it- but then of course he sees the camera. SO we get told that will not be permitted and we should go put it back. We say well yesterday we had it (lies) and the man says that doesn’t matter:(

Trial 3: THEN I’m like nope let’s go do it again. We just walk over to another line and do it again. Once again FAIL FAIL FAIL!!

Decision Time: SO we have 2 options now. Decision #1 is; we can walk to the shuttle stop, and go back to the car but we not have enough time to be early for a show… I mean WE WANT PICTURES! Decision #2 is; we can try again- who knows how but we can try another person, but if any of the other security guards we had, see us, then we could get in serious trouble.

………… We got the GoPro stick hidden, but how are we going to hide a bulky camera?! Well E had a plan! Thank you E because you saved the day 🙂 Her plan was to put the camera in my shirt and the strap in my bra strap to hold it onto something! LOL I’m like you’re a crazy girl, but that’s always good in all situations! So Ella puts it in my shirt AND BAM it stays (after a few attempts), on goes the back pack and off we go…. Then there’s this adorable couple, so of course I ask if I look weird. I go, “Hi. I was wondering do I look like I’m hiding something?” They both make this concerned face and I’m like “Okay, so we keep getting in trouble with this camera but we really want to bring it in so we put it in my back.” they’re like “Oh… haha no you’re good. We couldn’t notice! And we have a camera too:)” We are pumped now! We got the Camera in my shirt, the selfie stick with the chairs, and one stick in the trash (at least it was 99¢)!


Trial 4: So we walk up to the security guard and this guy is checking bags, and patting down the people. So I say really loudly “THIS line is really long let’s get into another line” So Ella and I go to this line with a woman. Ella is standing closely behind me so nobody can see the large bump in my shirt. The lady says to Ella “Ma’am if there’s any liquid in your Camelbak you are going to need to go dump that out.” Ella goes to dump out the water in her Camelbak… but now here I am standing with my backpack on… “The lady goes “Ma’am I’m going to need you to take that bag off so I can look inside it.” …GREAT… Now what!?                                                                                                          So, she’s going through my bag which basically is empty but she’s searching for things… I’m beginning to sweat because I will for sure be kicked out for being caught with something hidden in my shirt. I am standing there, not knowing what to do- It’s impossible to make it so nobody can see my back, if I stand on an angle either of the security guards beside me can see and if I stay facing forward than anyone can see that walks up behind me! …so… I do what I’m best at; talking! I make small talk, the lady and I are laughing she’s going through my bag and BAAM I feel my camera fall… so I’m holding it with my right arm so it’s hard for her to see. Then, she’s holding my bag talking more… we are still waiting for Ella (she was having a really hard time opening the cap) so it took about five minutes… which felt like hours! I’m still being chatty chatty (as usual) and I go “Oh, since you’re done with that could I put it back on?” She’s like “Umm, yeah sure!” Then I’m standing there and didn’t know what to say and I go “Would you like to check our chairs?” AND FOR THE RECORD THAT WAS MY NERVOUSNESS SPEAKING because I don’t know why I said that. She goes “Oh, that’s okay I trust you.” I AM LIKE THANK YOU LORD! ……. FINALLY E goes back and gets her Camelbak AND we are set! 🙂 FINALLLLLLY!

We would do it again, and UM of course WE WILL do it again!


shot from the sneaky camera;)


these sweet girls took these! they told us to act like best friends!!

STORY 3:  

For most people, at least you would think- having someone fill up your Camelbak would be easy. Yeah, but not for me… So, I’ve never used one before (I mean how hard could it be?- it’s a backpack with a water bladder in it!) So we wait in a long line @ the water station, maybe like a 10 minute line…. we get up there and the guy fills mine and I go to put the cap on and water just starts pouring out all over and it won’t stop. I was stunned or something, and I was not doing anything; I was literally just staring at it! Ella and I are like ummm… AND then her sister is like “WHAT are you doing?” and she holds it up right. Then Ella and I try to twist it on but we can’t! MORE WATER is pouring now… ummm… we’re like we should probably move away from this line. So we make a river behind us as we walk to a more people-less spot and somehow Ella twisted it on, and once again saved the day! BUT (yes, it gets worse) I was wearing my Camelbak… and a little later I realize my butt is weight! It soaked on my dress and now I look like I peed!!! 

I KNOW! :/


SO we were so excited for Flume that we agreed to go early and get front row. The show started @7 and we went at about 5:30ish. I KNOW that’s early! But people were already there! SO we got into line and we were there for an hour and a half before it started. We weren’t just in any crowd though, we were in a smashed, not-movable space, butt to butt, BASICALLY THE CLOSET YOU COULD BE TO PEOPLE! When you’re this close to people you never met before, well you become friends:) The downside was we were sweating, even before the concert started we were dripping sweat! HAHA Being there early was totally worth it! We chatted, and had fun in the crowd then when the concert started we got to dance with our friends, which is way better than strangers!                                                           Also- There was this guy who would “drill” which was pushing on people until we got closer to the stage LOL! It was really fun because we would all push each other and he would yell “DRILLING!” and we would move forward!



Camelbak – STAYING hydrated is SO so SO important!!

Hand sanitizer – you eat whenever you can, and EWW germs!

Oil-blotter sheets – (SPECIFICALLY THE CLEAN & CLEAR)

**** side note **** If you have never tried these oil sheets, or oil absorbing sheets in general; THESE ARE A MUST! Bring them anywhere and everywhere… I literally have a pack in my pencil-case, backpack, bathroom, suitcases, purse… EVERYWHERE! Ella && I both literally live on them. (Maybe we will do a beauty post on them, what do you all think?)

Blister stickers – you will be on your feet all day & if you’re like us two, then fashion is more important than comfort so… THE BLISTERS WILL BE FORMING!


There’s honestly not much to say except it honestly was one of the best times of my LIFE!

Here’s OUR opinions


Flume was the best music AND MAJOR LASER was the most FUN like PARTY PARTY!!

The popsicles are the best @ ACL so get as many as you can!

If you aren’t sweating, then you aren’t dancing hard enough!


THE CHAINSMOKERS was the best concert (partly because they sing my favorite song!) 😉 🙂 😉

I mean obviously the popsicles … THE watermelon is SOO TASTY & LICKY

PARTY HARD! …or go stand in the back of the crowd

so since we had a blast- GO TO ACL!! whether it’s next year or in 50… JUST GO!!! PARTY






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