meet e&e

The creators of barelybasic are Elizabeth & Ella. We are best friends living 1,162.5 miles apart. Elizabeth lives just a few minutes away from the windy city (Chicago) & Ella lives in the state of cowgirls && cowboys!!;)))) (West Texas). Don’t be fooled by our 16 hour and 50 minute separation, we still have our daily gossip sessions and catchup hour over FaceTime!!!

We didn’t meet @ a rodeo or at The Bean, we met at Stanford University in Cali (DREAM SCHOOL)! We were there for a summer camp where we immediately clicked among the SEA of girls. We talk daily, planning a trip together every week– never realizing that we are totally broke!! We decided to make a blog that would be super fun for us and you. Hope you enjoy it:)


Meet the girls!

an overachieving,
juicing enthusiast
who always speaks her mind


a hilarious,
face mask obsessed,
seriously ambitious chick.