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Ahoy Mateys!


Yes, all in one week, you go all three places! So I am into traveling, well actually both of us are (we plan on traveling the world together for 1 year after college)!!

Soooo… I have never been on a cruise until this past March.


Scared? *The boat may sink*

LifeBoats? *Well of course but how good are they?!!?*

Trapped? *How am I going to be able to get away from my family for a little? *

No phone? *I think I can use a break, officially going!! *


So, that’s how my pre-thoughts went… Let me assure you that they HAVE changed- drastically!


Scared? *Come on, you’re on vk– no time to be scared!!*

LifeBoats? *The boat has the fanciest lifeboats I have ever seen*

Trapped? *I stuck with my cousins the WHOLE time; how could I leave them when I was having the time of my life…? CAN’T!!*

No phone? *Well… we got wifi so I could make all my Instagram followers jelly, haha*


Well, post-thoughts!! Woah. Dang you all better get sailing.


First, the port is located in Miami. The ship that I took, and that is HIGHLY recommended is the Escape launched in August, 2015 (Yes less than a year ago)!! The company of her is Norwegian Cruise Line. The only reason we took that cruise line is because my mom has been on many, Norwegian happens to be her fav. And we all know what momma likes, we like…


Allow me to say the plan, then I will get to the better details.

Saturday : Miami

Sunday : Sea

Monday : Sea

Tuesday : St. Thomas

Wednesday : Tortola

Thursday : Sea

Friday : Bahamas

Saturday : home:(


Let’s talk,


The Port. The port is actually nice. The people are very helpful, security is not bad && they are very organized- you will be on the ship in less than an hour!!


Sea. There are many things to do while you’re floating away. The ship itself has all of these specialists&they do classes about cool things. For example, I saw one on acupuncture– which I loved! There’re other ones for losing weight, exercising, bargain jewelry shopping… everything under the sun. Oh, they have mini golfing and a high ropes course… you can go out over the water on one part— DO IT. It’s so amazing!! Then there is a pool, okay let me just say; I was disappointed with the pool because it is TINY. I was expecting one nice big pool, and a few smaller ones around… Well there’s two but REALLY? They have water slides. Tube & floor dropping ones (don’t wear anything besides your bathing suit for that). They have hilarious entertainment in the main pool, you will just die of laughter there. Also, there are 4 or 5 hot tubs too. OMG there’s so much to eat… UNLIMITED ice cream!!! && for those of you who are into tanning (I’m an NO-TANNINg chick!! Girls/Boys keep the young skin beautiful!!)… oh yeah so you can tan EVERYWHERE. Tanners you all know it’s ideal to tan next to a big body of water such as a lake, but you are IN the MIDDLE of the OCEAN!! You will get TAN. I can guarantee that!!


St. Thomas, belongs to the Americans- it’s a US Virgin Island. Honestly, most beautiful place I have ever seen!! The water is beautiful!! We went snorkeling there & OMG I have been snorkeling 3 or 4 times before, but by far this was the prettiest I’ve seen. Also there are turtles swimming with you & it’s so cool to watch them underwater. The water doesn’t sting your eyes that much (some water kills) and doesn’t taste that bad (no tummy aches after)! There is shopping, little cute shops!









Let’s chat talk Tortola- British Virgin Island. The Port in this island doesn’t have that many excursions. There are little shops- shops you see in the States. Also, they have the black market stores. Where you can get Louis Vuittons for like $200. It’s very good for souvenirs!!





Nassau, Bahamas’ Port is right next to the Atlantis. You may stay the day there & swim dolphins. Above anything I recommend the Blue Lagoon! It’s an excursion & it is the most beautiful little island off an island ever!! It is very relaxing and it is the perfect place to spend the day!!







Other details:


Passport is required for this cruise.


The ship is very HUGE (1,069 ft). Okay well that actually doesn’t seem big, but trust me; you’ll notice the size when you walk from side to side looking for a restaurant on the first night… hah


The coffee shop on the… 7th floor (I think 7th..?) has REALLY delicious macaroons!! I may have had 1 or 2 everyday…!


St. Thomas & Nassau both have Señor Frogs- for those of you who like those!! They’re both FUN!


P.S. None of the photos are edited because one; I’m not good at that & two; the destinations were so beautiful in that no editing was needed!!



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